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Core Issues

I have three top priorities and issues that I am focused on in this campaign. All three are critical to the citizens of Denver and the future of our great city. To achieve these priorities requires a collaboratiion between the Mayor and City Council that is focused on solving these problems now.


Economic Growth

I will work with the business community to continue to modernize and support growth as well as find ways to incentivize organizations to hire locally. I will broker public/private partnerships to increase youth summer employment and job training opportunities.

Public Safefty

Denver public safety must be improved as a whole. I plan to focus  in the areas of police response times by increasing the number of officers, investing in new communications technologies and support staff. I will also increase investment in programs that engage individuals experiencing distress.

Affordable Living

I will implement a housing first approach to homelessness that works with individuals in a case management format that ends in housing stability and eventually homeownership. Denver is at an affordable housing crossroads and the future direction we choose will determine whether or not our city will be for some or all. 

Meet Al

I am a civically engaged citizen that has served Denver on a number of boards and commissions. I am a husband, father, and proud grandfather that chose to move to Denver over twenty years ago to raise my family and enjoy our great City. I am an IT executive that has spent my career helping companies innovate and utilize technologies to help increase productivity and profitability while simultaneously mentoring others and creating pathways for success. Over the course of my career I have deep and broad experience working in the non-profit, start-up, and public company sectors. Service to the community is the cornerstone of who I am and who I will be as Denver’s Mayor. I will focus my efforts on creating ladders of success and crafting common sense changes to policies that improve the lives of Denver citizens.
Meet Al


For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 720.443.1104

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